Lost Boys


Farewell Rudy

. . .youth, strength, genius, thoughts,
achievements, simple hearts–all die . . .
No matter.”


Joseph Conrad, “Youth”






Willy , photo by Stephan Jammer  2014
Alba, portrait in Slimnic, Romania, by Jammer  2014
Alba and Jan by Romanian Artist Crina,  2014


In the Backyard where the Cherry Tree dies

Rich soil is flooded from falling pain

Wears its Black Widow mourning veils

GhostSage, lavender and rose

Nothing grows.


The harvest is this bitter view

Memory crushed to mulch.

ReBirth declines to attend a futile celebration

Choked on false failed aspiration.

These cycles of wonder are green vacancy now


Inverted inward from the weight of tired ancient horses

Dragging their bleeding bone plow.

The love buried there

Seeming like crying children

Howls a Chorus of Canine night teeth.


Jan Deen

Slimnic Romania

June 2015



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