Thad’s Globe Theatre

Poetry and music incantatory influences, in Frances A.Yates worldview, are faithfully represented and is present even in the design of the Globe Theatre itself. The magical atmosphere in the ideas of the Shakespeare plays as a kind of ritual operation demonstrates the author was one of the best educated men in the world at that time. Magic as an intellectual system of the universe, foreshadowing science and as a moral reforming movement is expressed through a Hermetic religion mixing the magical core of the Renaissance, its Kabbalism, memory palaces, Neoplatonism and dreams of a harmonious peaceful solution to the religious political crisis of the age.
By 1972, The Shakespeare Society of America was located to a warehouse on North Kings Road in West Hollywood, a legitimate Elizabethan theatre constructed half scale , a composite replica of the original Globe interior of 1599. Thad Taylor conceived, designed and built the playhouse based on the years of study of hundreds of original documents and drawings including those of Vischer, deWitt and the Fortune Theatre. The Globe made history in 1979 by becoming the only theatre company to perform Shakespeare’s entire canon of thirty eight full length plays.

From the late eighteenth century onward, the fascination with the homunculus and mechanical men, the automaton, represents the dark side of the enlightenment, the rational man’s fear of the world of the dead by which he is also fascinated. As personal knowledge of the dance influences expression of beauty in movement and form, so awareness of composition in history of classic painting compels group images toward higher drama and subtle interactions of “characters.” Before a Mountain Spirit-dancer appears, we celebrate strong beautiful women in Action, Sci Fi, Horror, and Fantasy Films at Hollywood’s Millennium end with a tribute to late publisher Fred Clarke’s original behind-the-scenes classic Cinema publications Cinefantastique and Femme Fatales Magazines.

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