Quest for Metaphor: 2



On one level–

we are

collecting archetypal imagery. Humanity as a deck of cards consisting of unique but recognizable moments from a staged event.


Drakula Tyrannus

World Premiere at Thad Taylor’s Globe of the historic Vlad.Tepes.


Incommunicado dramatizes the event of the great poet Ezra Pound suffering prison for expressing unpopular verbiage during World War 2.

Monsoon Christmas, soldiers confined in barracks during a tireless rain

showing strain and stress of strength seeking action, frustration explodes

in misdirected violence among themselves, reveals personal and universal human weakness.


The portrait format of the theatrical style image is used for a greater intimacy and maximum emotional impact of the actor performing in character..

Text as Poetry: Salome Jens is the poet Ann Sexton.
Suzanne Farrell, Ballerina as American superstar.
George Romero: King of the Zombie genre.

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