On Normal Street

BatmanThe whole life of each of us, our efforts at accumulating riches or power, is the building of a Tower of Babel, because it must end in catastrophe,namely,
in death, which is the fate of everything that cannot pass to a new plane of being. It is a normal day on Normal Street.


The blind unconscious masses struggle with the manifestation of the evolutionary spirit, annihilate or stifle it, and most often destroy what has been created by it.  Something remains, and this is what we call progress, or civilisation.  Evolution of the masses is an absurd idea as only degeneration can proceed unconsciously.  We are not promoted to another level for irreproachable conduct and style, nor suffering, whether accidental or self-created–  our values are either too simple, on one plane, or vague and confused, or just too damn fantastic without connection to the realities of power in our Universe. The concept of “will” in relation to a man who has not attained inner unity is entirely artificial. But none of this matters.


On Normal Street we feed on  pseudo-images and slander what we do not understand. We don’t care that one wrongly conceived idea can poison a life, create deep discord and generate a whole series of wrong results for many others.  On Normal Street, we say our future is about sorting out our world’s economy and our relation to it. We do not know what that actually means. If We learn to use our words true meanings we can hopefully create a future worthy of life beyond shallow material concepts and self deception.



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