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Reza Abdoh, LATC production Bogeyman/ Diane White
Swami X, Venice Beach guru RIP.
Program center-pages/jan deen photos for 1971 Lester Wilson $600 & A Mule, first history Black music/dance,Huntington Hartford theatre.

I do not think I am unique but only that I am not as buffered as most humans in perceiving and honestly expressing the nature of the “reality” we commonly experience. I cannot say we must embrace what is given, nor support deliberate lies to give us a moment of comfort, or delude ourselves with some map to inner evolution that worked before the great wars, which ended sadly in expressing who we in fact ARE in this century. The questions are quite basic. Do we wish to do what is necessary?

I find great hope for our species in the writings of the early so called mystics of the last century and too great confusion in the ego needs finding expression in an unenlightened current social milieu which was once so promising an ideal. Our technology is wonderful, but this cellphone is a great convenience that plays too well to our fantasies, self delusions and loss of valid priority.