Feedback Loops


Hey, I am just reacting to events by viewing websites with too many ignorant commentators who think they have earned a point of view in a mindscape of mechanical babble that is posing as communication.  Sitting outside America, looks like Smartphone Device  applications replace sex toy, fashion, and automobile design fetishes.  An increasingly despotic Unreality Industry sells Comic Characters and Super gadgets that acquire Intellectual Social Status with what reads as universal brainwashing agenda for expendable eaters.

Accept this blind mode of collective insincerity over the search for authentic thought and there is only positioning and process.

Many seem to now love best SELFIES, elevating arms-length photodigisnaps to greater variations of vanity by electronic egoism. To Go Viral or accumulate friends and followers on Social Media is an individual’s validation and gratification. The cell eye view is the experience.

This sense of wasting time sorting through mountains of digital trash prevails.    The electromagnetic toxicity of it all kills fish and fowl and forest.  Media missing Message.

The apparent Method remains in knowing how to Entertain and Distract, Distort and Deface.   Our true nature lurks in a fog of comfort zones, hiding from harsh critical glare while we worship our godlike toys propagating delusions .

We must bow to a complex clever corporate designed theatre promoting psychosis as prophesy and naming marketing and war the premiere sciences.  Have you noticed how cold Global Warming has become as our Technocracy promotes Scientisms using Latinesque Jargonese to keep us horrified when it appears that terrorists seem less threatening than fast food, and appeals to afterlife fantasy fades like a lost bet on a football favorite?

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