Hungry Ghosts in a New Year

Reza Abdoh Quotations from a Ruined city, 1994



“Buddhism,” reveals Tan Teik Beng, “teaches the existence of Hungry Ghosts.

The Chinese call these ghosts “Kwei” and believe that it is they who give an enormous amount of trouble to human beings . . .”


Kwei seek vengeance, as those spirits who died suddenly and violently but were neglected.

PHOTO: Lisa Wolpe as “Hamlet”.


Since no military or government official, corporate CEO. international bankster, Cartel Captain or Mogul– soulless monsters disguised as mild mannered media darlings– is stepping forth to claim responsibility or presenting authentic data to we helpless uninformed humans, I suggest we befriend these Hungry Ghosts this New Year.   This alternative effort offers  hope for our future salvation from untried dimensions of causality.  True understanding is the only possible path toward cure for major ills that plague our poor population and fatally depletes our planet.  Ask the little buggers what they want and appease them instead of our current demons?


I fear we may not like what we learn.