Emotional Pain Body

Ray Bradbury with friends Harryhausen and Famous Monster
   Eckert Tolle is the new New Age Course in Miracles.


His enlightened POV finds perfect expression in his voice timbre, casual yet precise delivery of ideas, and presentation of one of the most useful terms for practical personal salvation– and if you don’t like these words, then choose others that work for you.
“It’s the Emotional Pain Body.”


There is little doubt that Tolle is an authentic speaker for hope in the human condition, nor for the most part does he pull his punches in articulating powerful descriptions of our species behavior collectively and individually.  He could be the best cure for the sickened ego of the Homo Sap since Jung introduced his Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious and Gurdjieff defined our sleeping identified status with notions of negativity.


His flaws are few– an all too effortless dismissal of the importance of Human Destiny amid the probability of the existence of other conscious life forms in a vast Cosmic scheme– but there is no dogmatic platform and sense of commercial self promotion to contradict or weaken the direct force of his communication.


As an operating system to teach the children– why not?  The problem lies in the numbers and momentum of the dark and destructive Mechanical Men running rampant, deeply embedded and well armored–


Drama, a by product of our failed egoic thinking, is not likely to disappear any time soon.


Tennessee Williams said of the Catastrophe of Success it was “the seductiion of an effete way of life” that flatters its victims with “false dignities and conceits” replacing all that is genuine with an “artifice of mirrors.”






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