Dystopian Race for Armageddon




If the human species survives and there exists an idea called History, this era in which we live will be known as The Age of Waste.  A population mostly unaware of the true specifics of collective psychosis turns to irrelevant solutions in its expressions of fear and discontent while mass communications tend to the unreality industry as usual or blame the world’s economy and Plague on an American President, not a novel by Camus from 1947.
The dangers foreseen by sci fi visionaries, like those of horror and fantasy writers, were once dismissed themes in genres of early twentieth century pulp dramas. Now their images fuel our lived experience not only imaginations and enter public perception and consensus dialogue.  While True Believers turn to ancient scriptures in hope of some salvation, more individuals are becoming inclined toward being “born again Orwell.”

In sixties America, the forces at play were personified as Hippies and Pigs (Blue Meanies?).  Now we are still labeling blue agendas bad adding deranged Party Politics of corporate charade against Law and Order, guns and Free Speech lending Democracy a hollow tone.

The work of true artists remains the same:  to wake up those who are asleep–despite their ego resistance– because more than ever since the age of Dinosaurs, Great Beasts that once only inhabited our dreamscape are forcing the living toward extinction.  Our words, political and economic manipulations, distorted discourse and darkest descriptions are sadly insufficient to transform matters of magnitude and destiny.

We must rise from this occasion, interpret with intensity as free thinking individuals our sense impressions into bold purposeful art and NOW actual brave confrontational actions. To remain asleep is to continue on this worn course created by complaining consumers’ comforting diversions.

Let us will The New Beginning of a higher and finer vision leading to a stronger wiser humanity, not some  “New World Order” leading to distortion and despair, greater destruction, and species annihilation. Let us indeed embrace the sanctity of life, all life.  As for insisting on the reproductive rights and false equality of the lowest common denominators of Homo Sap, while giving them status and every form of tax deductions, let us pause.  Consider dear friends, we are the Last Act literature of alternate realities.  Shall we rewrite our sick narrative to lend a measure of possible sanity and significant style to our cast of pathetic obsolete characters?


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