Discernment of The Dance . . .

THE DANCE has it all! The human can become the subject and object of art. Movement in itself is the appropriate language to communicate energies beyond formal imitation and documentation . . . Let us discuss what that in fact means. Twentieth Century Philosophers concluded that we evolve with our Language –small mouth movements are not enough. Movement IS ESSENCE, does not lie–

Everything presented here is sourced from film and work ideas were often born in the darkroom, where photography offered many hidden pleasures. There are differences among photographers in their ” learning process” — to dance is quite distinct yet related to imaging movement and is perhaps the most focused and direct vocabulary possible. To be instructed by a dancer can in fact intertwine and one who does not study movement with their own body learns pose and line from his subjects willingness to share information on skills. The degree of feeling, strength of emotion projected then affects the image. The fine photographer must participate in the expression of emotion.

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