Dark Stages Preface

Marcel Marceau Silent Nightmare, 1974
>adieu RudyThis collection of photographs is designed to reflect an historic period of live performance in a unique location and era. The medium is primarily 35mm film and begins in 1971 with my first full page international publication in DANCE MAGAZINE edited by William Como based in New York City. My particular education is unique in that I had recently began studying classical ballet in Hollywood , then photographing dance. Soon Shakespeare plays at Thad Taylors West Hollywood Globe Playhouse were being published in print media theatre critics reviews. My background includes years of apprentice to successful photographers in major advertising promotions for Chrysler, Cadillac, Corvette and other mainstream commercial work. My university training was in philosophy and art history.

The language and views implied by this work is NOT a revisionist effort intended to create a false perspective or incorporate pseudo philosophy as the current model pop culture in America reflects. No social engineering and reprogramming of existential essences will be found here. The measure of success is an honest and accurate esthetic representation of a director or choreographer’s intent. To convey an echo of the moment and its emotional impact is the intent and meaning.

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