Dance History failure

Michael Peters does Cab  


Previously unseen dance photos joined a collection of my classic published photography at a wonderful site in a portfolio called Dance Phototheatre.  Mostly from the seventies and eighties in Los Angeles the photographs interface style with personal memory. Dancer Mary Miller also added a Gene Marinaccio tribute. The great dance photographer Donald Bradburn passed recently and I see no tribute? RIP Don. As I now live in Eastern Europe I am unable to make direct contact with any non responding party involved.

Fred Strickler joined with  Don Hewitt to make an effort at creating the Dance History project of Southern California. I had hope that my presentation of thirty images would serve in a small but concise form to represent love for theatrical photography in evoking collective memory of brilliant unique talents that too often go unrecognized . I am quite unhappy with my failed email attempts these last years with the way the powers that be have not been maintaining the collection or promoting community inspiration to update and refine a great idea. I know the tech involved with my work is not too complex or costly to repair. Perhaps everyone is dancing on another plane of existence?
Please visit www.dancehistoryproject.org/multimedia/photo-gallery-jan-deen-photography/  


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