American Stripper




Red bikini white and blue

College girl and Actress too.

Its an urge, this urge to merge

The urge to merge with young Dramaturge.


Your class, your wit, your flawless style

The X-tasy behind your smile.

You take the stage.  You own the dump.

Then show the boys resplendent rump.

They have the urge.  The urge for you, Miss Dramaturge.


You writhe, you prance, you grind, you roll

Slide upside down on a long chrome pole.

Dollars fly.  Men scream en masse

You caress their faces with your ass.

Bold breathless urge for sweet Dramaturge.


High Houdini Queen of Kundalini

Barroom dances in her string bikini

Your act conjures ghosts of Fellini

Back from the dead to immortalize

Your glance into our camera eyes.


We are the urge.  The urge to merge.

Urge to Emerge : God Dramaturge.


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