A Geometry of Escape



Most humans have a personal list of undesirable conditions they wish to escape.  After Death it is usually old age and poverty followed by an ego specific list, but various assumed Freedoms are taking on weighty meanings in this era of mind control, geo engineering and blatant soul crushing cultural destruction.

The New Age Thinkers say “Consider our own self created shadow and our lack of knowledge of this dark mirror image as our problem”  and learn to live in light of our urgent collective need to ruthlessly confront  the Beast Within and we have an arena worthy of discussion.


Unfortunately, the massive data informing humanity of its follies and shortcomings on both an individual and collective level consists of deliberate disinformation, denial of responsibility, faulty logic, distortion toward the sensational, redacted reportage, naive psychology, and content inducing a perceptual buffer by overwhelming the basic presuppositions of the angry ape seeking comfort from the storm and mortal consolation.


Seems like the species should take a break, stop overpopulating and consuming and meditate on a larger Geometry. . . .


No system of public education exists to initiate the young Homo Sapiens toward a sane path in the game of life, few useful tools are taught promoting individual thinking and no Guide Book is provided.  The great religions stay with variations of their medieval or tribal life style suggestions, having to compete for survival with better equipped Corporations with PR more in tune to the deceptive tactics of our era.


Behind these lesser challenges waits disquieting phantasms.


In a noxious mode of irrelevance,   Delusions disguised as News describe idealized projections of equality and human rights if only we Consume More. Our best projection of a caring brotherhood of universal fairness and justice is to cease calling each other names that might offend.    Thus lacking a survival consensus,  disorder ruled by our pseudo Caste Systems,  bribed and bankrupt,  reflect a prison scenario more than a civilization.  A rare politician suggests action to become worthy of the title– Human Being.


Those who by birth find themselves members, in current slang, of a “One Per Cent”  wealth and privilege status , once defined as Success, now take pride in ” The Criminal Elite” label .

Examination reveals little to distinguish them from the populous of unruly bipeds scheduled for extinction that is not mere function of access,   With no higher navigation style than to flaunt material abundance, creating an artform of greed and waste, then threaten planetary destruction in the name of business, their primary advantage may soon be seriously outweighed by mass envy and revolutionary rage .


Some of us think those Elite must have an escape plan, underground palaces and ice cream igloos on the moon, but we all find ourselves at days end unenlightened observers of convolutions and distortions of clever conversations in economic quantum  while a few voices of reason still whisper randomly in White Noise ,




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