Performative Intertextual Images


An Image conjuring the presence of mystery in Archaic Intelligence opens a case for new evaluations of so called primitive pre=history today, unexpectedly evoked by subtext in a dance photo from 1971.  A 35mm negative is lost in a dance studio arson fire but not before it appears full page in Dance Magazine and continues to capture attention.  The image begins to take on history of its own.  The dancers portrayed are David and Helen Adhar.  Egyptian born David appeared … Continue reading

Toward Personal Style

alchemical gold

      In September of 1971 my first full page photo was published in Dance Magazine.  It was like a religious validation.   The event changed all priorities from commercial to aesthetic and guided decisions  The photo credit became valued. Standards were being established compelling choice of subject matter which then influenced the people I would meet.  An kind of  language, was forming as my vocabulary of performance became clearer as subjects responded honestly and gave me criteria.    … Continue reading

The True Selfie

Swami X on Venice Beach boardwalk

Susan Sontag and Marshall McLuhan have less influence on todays scene than a Steampunk Comic version of a  Hemingway novel. In fact, use of the cellphone as camera and communication devices has changed users behavior and habits so radically as to render most themes of aesthetics laughingly lofty. irrelevant to the everyday practice of compulsive image capture. Even the long ago inspired aim of democratic access by Kodak snapshot simplicity has failed to foretell the documentational power of pixel rituals … Continue reading

Feedback Loops

West Hollywood seventies

  Hey, I am just reacting to events by viewing websites with too many ignorant commentators who think they have earned a point of view in a mindscape of mechanical babble that is posing as communication.  Sitting outside America, looks like Smartphone Device  applications replace sex toy, fashion, and automobile design fetishes.  An increasingly despotic Unreality Industry sells Comic Characters and Super gadgets that acquire Intellectual Social Status with what reads as universal brainwashing agenda for expendable eaters.   Accept … Continue reading