Quest for Metaphor: 2


  THE THEATRICAL PORTRAIT¬†     On one level we are collecting archetypal imagery. Humanity as a deck of cards consisting of unique but recognizable moments from a staged event.   Drakula Tyrannus ¬† World Premiere at Thad Taylor’s Globe of the historic Vlad.Tepes.     Monsoon Christmas, soldiers confined in barracks during a tireless rain showing strain and stress of strength seeking action, frustration explodes in misdirected violence among themselves, reveals personal and universal human weakness.   Incommunicado dramatizes … Continue reading

Dark Stage in a Quest for Metaphor: 1

dark stage

Some of us find comfort in Knowing Our Place, having a sense of where we stand in the contribution of our life energies, our creativity, our reflected recognition in a cultural context to higher values of our species.   Live performance played a significant role in my life, despite my active participation being not as performer, but more often in ballet and acting classes, coffee shop conversations with unique talents, my access to rehearsals, backstage, movie sets, and a lifetime … Continue reading