Nineleven Eschatology

aztec god

    The subtle Black Magic behind the gross Acts of Annihilation like Nine Eleven is that the discovery of the Lie is factored in to the Operation.  Each Crude Conspiracy is intended to be discovered by the Intelligentsia and Initiated.  Why?   As a demonstration of overwhelming power and defiance by the perpetrators of unspeakable acts to the awakened practitioners of The Good– those who are aware that the practice of ethical behavior is imperative for evolution of the … Continue reading

A Geometry of Escape

Most humans have a personal list of undesirable conditions they wish to escape.  After Death and Taxes, it is usually old age and poverty followed by an ego specific list of boring baddies.   The New Age Thinkers say “Consider our own self created shadow and our lack of knowledge of this dark mirror image as our problem”  and learn to live in light of our urgent collective need to ruthlessly confront  the Beast Within and we have an arena … Continue reading

Conjuring Felt Presence

Locky Lambert, my first Femme Fatale

What separates an image from the mundane to one that seems to have a life of its own, reveals more once it has gained attention, evokes response from a viewer saturated numb by the barrage of sensory input and lends greater significance to its subject?   Is it reasonable for me to suggest the superiority of film over digital technology now that in most respects the advantages of digital– from instantaneous viewing to superior resolution and automation of camera features–place film … Continue reading


    Thinking of my daughter Fleur on my 67th earth year celebration.