Retro-futurist Nostalgia

Aztec Jan 1978

Update Nov. 2014 on excerpt from An Interview with Bill George Bill George entered hospital with pneumonia a year ago and has not been heard from since.  jd December, 2012     Actually Bill, I think what we are talking about today is some form of Nostalgia for RetroFuturism. something closer to  a naive simple scare.   Why simple?  We had Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror. Stardom had meaning in a pre-Warhol context and viewers did not idolize mere unthinking unwatchables. … Continue reading

Children of The Horror

Jan at 50 in Sherman Oaks studio

  My generation, spawned in abundance from postwar industry, yet in the shadow of a secret dark done deal with The “defeated enemy of human kind”– in the name of science, was the first modern generation to be nurtured by larger than life images of The Horror.   For some of us,the word itself evokes a bald Brando-face and voice reciting  T. S. Eliot, The Hollow Men  telling us we must make friends with the horror enshrined in Coppola’s Apocalypse … Continue reading

End of War


     “The mistake is that the concept “serious” is taken conditionally.  One thing is serious for one man and another thing for another man.  In reality seriousness is one of the concepts which can never and under no circumstances be taken conditionally.  Only one thing is serious for all people at all times.   “If a man could understand all the hor ror of the lives of ordinary people who are turning round in a circle of insignificant interests and … Continue reading